Staffordshire Pink

  • Enhanced durability and long lasting
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Quick Installation
  • Available in a range of different finishes
  • No disruption or mess
  • No excavation or disruption pipes, drains or manholes

  • Hard wearing, slip resistant, wheelchair friendly surface
  • Wide range of natural colours available to compliment existing colour schemes
  • No planning permission required
  • Full written guarantee
  • No effect on existing damp proof courses
  • Durable, hard wearing and resilient

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Product Description

It is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns and can be applied to almost any area to make a seamless, smooth, and porous surface.
Resin is the ideal surface product for any area where there is a risk of falling, particularly where young children or elderly people are present.
The finished surface is highly resistant to rust, oil, corrosion, salt or cracking due to changes in temperature.
Resin Surfaces are suitable for a wide variety of uses including:

Resin Surfaces are suitable for a wide variety of uses including:

Children’s Play Areas
School Sports Areas
Garden Paths
Boat Deck Surfaces

Advantages of Resin surfaces are:

One of the safest surfacing types available
Usable in all weathers
Vandal resistant
Fast draining
Resistant to abrasion, slipping and ignition
Extremely durable and cost effective


Line Discovery
Width 123 cm
Length 336 cm
Height 215 cm
Critical falling height 99 cm
Safety zone 639×399 cm
Falling surface Not required
Platform height 30, 45 cm
Age 1+
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